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School Policies

We do have our rules!

Admission Policy

All applicants for KG1 have to be 31/2years old in October in the year of admission. A meeting with the Communication Director will provide parents with full information about the different sections of the school.
An application form has to be completed in full. Acceptance in Albashaer is subject to student assessment, parents interview and availability of a place.
Parents are notified of acceptance one week after the interview and entry assessment. Following notification of acceptance, the non- refundable one-time Registration Fee must be paid within 10 working days to ensure a place. New students applying for enrolment at Albashaer will submit the following documents to the Admission Office:

  • Application form.
  • Student's academic reports for the previous two years. Original computerized Birth Certificate for Egyptians or photocopy of passport for non Egyptians.
  • 12 copies of a recent photograph.
  • Last Educational Certificate for parents.
  • A letter from work.
    School fees are paid in 3 instalments: Full bus fees + 40% of educational fees in first of June, 30% of educational fees in September and 30% of educational fees in January.

Uniform Policy

  • All students must be in full and correct uniform at all times.
  • PE uniform is to be worn on the day of the PE lessons only.
  • Students are required to dress in appropriate school uniform for all trips.,Uniform is purchased from the school.
  • Purchased items cannot be returned if used, washed or after 2 days from the day of purchase.
  • All clothing and student's possessions must be clearly labelled with the student's name and class.
  • The school cannot be responsible for lost unlabelled items.
  • Unclaimed and unmarked lost property will be donated to charity.
  • No jewellery is permitted in school with the exception of a simple watch for all students and one pair of stud earrings for girls.
  • Girls' long hair should be tied back.
  • Small headbands and clips may be worn.No dramatic hair styles and shaved patterns and long hair are not allowed for boys.
  • Shiny shoes are not allowed.
  • In very cold days students may wear black or red coats, scarves and head covers.
  • Parents will be contacted if a student is violating any part of the dress code.

Transport System Policy

It is the responsibility of the parents to supervise their children between home and the school bus stop point in the morning as well as in the afternoon.

Parents are responsible that their children arrive at the bus stop point at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

Buses will not wait for a student more than 3 minutes.

If nobody is waiting to pick up the child, he/she will be returned back to school and parents will be requested to pick him/her up from school.

If a parent wants his child to go home by car a clear written message has to be sent to school before 12 noon.

No bus changes are allowed except for Emergencies and with the approval of the Principal.

Parents have to make sure that their children understand the rules for riding school buses.

Bus drivers must not be distracted from safe driving by children's misbehaviour. Any violation of these requirements, the student may be temporarily or permanently prevented from using our transport system.

Policy of using School Computers

It is the policy of Albashaer to encourage all staff and students to use the computer laboratories.

Students are not allowed to: interfere with the setup of any school computers including changing system configurations.

Use other users' logon or password.

Violate any laws relating to copyright or privacy.

Intentionally damage computer hardware or furnishings.

Distribute someone else's personal information, invent or spread rumours.

Policy of using School Library

Strict discipline must be maintained in the library.

Students are to behave courteously and considerately to staff and other users. Anyone who is behaving unacceptably will be asked to leave.

Reference materials and encyclopaedias will be issued for reading inside the library only.

Students are required to handle books very carefully.

Marking a book, tearing a page damaging the book in any other way or losing it will be viewed as a very serious action and students will be requested to compensate for the damage.

Students have to return the borrowed books on the due date, if they keep the book for one week after the due date, they will pay LE 1 per day.

Beyond 15 days, the borrower will pay the cost of the book along with a fine.

Homework policy

The homework is an agreement between the teacher and the student, parents are not to help their children to do the homework.

Queries about homework should be addressed to the teacher.

Parents are asked to support the school by taking an active interest in their children's homework.

They have to provide a peaceful and suitable place in which students can do their homework without any distraction.

It is the responsibility of the student to write the homework in his/her Channel Book.

If a student is absent, for 1 or 2 days, the lesson work and homework will be given to him by the teacher on his/her return.

If a student is absent for more than 3 days the work will be sent home by the bus matron or emailed.

If a student fails to hand in complete homework on due date he will receive a verbal warning followed by Break Detention if repeated.

Medical Policy

Our School Doctor is highly professional and experienced. She works closely with the students, parents and staff to provide individual child-centred health plans. We encourage our students to wash their hands more than once during the day, using water and soap. Our doctor checks the nails and hair of the students regularly. Some children have specific medical needs, for example asthma, diabetes or severe allergic reactions. It is important that our doctor and all our staff fully understand individual medical conditions and how to respond to each case. If a child has been feeling ill during the day, or has had a minor injury, the teacher sends the child to the clinic with a matron and a written report to provide details on what occurred and the action taken.

The doctor has to report the case to the parents, even where there are no obvious symptoms, the parents must be aware of what has happened and the symptoms they should look for. When an accident occurs teachers always call for immediate help, even if they are a First Aider themselves. The doctor calls the parents immediately to report the case and discuss the next step taken as quickly as possible. If a student must take any form of medication during school hours, parents must write in the Channel Book when and how medication should be dispensed. Students must sign in and take the medication under the supervision of the school's doctor. Students and staff who contracts an infectious disease must be absent from school. A Doctor's Certificate should be presented to the doctor once they are back to school.

Our school doctor is there to help students during the school day. She is not responsible for diagnosing a case or prescribing a medication. Students are not allowed to carry or handle their medication by themselves, and the doctor will not administer any medication unless a clear note is written in the Channel Book.

Lost and Found Policy

Although we endeavour to assist in the recovery of lost items, we cannot be held responsible for any lost All possessions and clothing should be labelled clearly. This can save a lot of effort in locating lost property.

Students should not bring valuable items to the school.

Children are encouraged to be responsible for their own belongings and to check Lost and Found Property displayed on the tables beside the Food Court at the end of the school's day.

Due to the volume of lost and found items, they will be donated to charity periodically throughout the year if not claimed.

School Visitors Policy

It is the policy of our school to ensure safety for all guests and students.

Visitors are welcome in the school but they must sign in at the school gate and leave their ID with the Security Team.

Students are not allowed to have non-student guests to school premises unless parents take permission from the Vice Principal.

Grading and Students' Assessment Policy

Assessment is a term that covers any activity, in which evidence of learning is collected in a planned and systematic way, and is used to evaluate student's knowledge. It is to help teachers and students build a shared understanding of the progress made.

Many people assume that assessment means taking a test, but assessment is broader than that. It includes portfolios, projects, tests, quizzes, creative writings and many other activities.